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St. Valeros Feast


When is St. Valeros Feast in 2021 and 2022

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2019 29/Jan Tue Spain St. Valeros Feast
2021 29/Jan Fri Spain St. Valeros Feast
2022 29/Jan Sat Spain St. Valeros Feast

What is St. Valeros Feast

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In Spain, the St Valero's Feast always falls on January 29. Since it is a public holiday, the business and banks are shut on this day.


The St Valero's feast day is to commemorate the patron Saint "San Valero."At first, the Valero was bishop of Saragossa but he had some difficulty in speaking. So, the Vincent of Saragossa acted as his spokesman. Because of this act, both Valerius and Vincent suffered imprisonment under Diocletian.


This consist of different kinds of events, such as children theater, music concerts, and road shows. The main high light of the day is when the town hall brings the huge "Roscon" cake.


This Day is Observed across social media with the hashtag “#StValerosFeast.”

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When is St. Valeros Feast and Where it is observed

Country 29-Jan 20

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