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Simchat Torah


When is SimchatTorah in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 11/Oct Sun Multiple Countries SimchatTorah
2021 29/Sep Wed Multiple Countries SimchatTorah

What is SimchatTorah

About :

Simchat Torah is a Jewish observance day celebrated by the Jews over all the world, especially in countries such as Australia, the US, UK, and Canada. It always falls on the 22nd day of Tishrei month according to the Jewish calendar, each year.


The date varies from country to country that the US Indian Jewish Congregation of the USA and the Bene Israel women's group jointly celebrated the Simchat Torah in previous times. Since its not a public holiday in countries such as Australia, Canada, US, and the UK but some Jewish organization may be closed on this day.


The Torah scrolls are cut out from the ark and given to members of the parish to hold, then they move around the synagogue and everyone kisses the Torah scrolls as they pass, this synagogue is known as Hakafot (people walk or dance around a Torah scroll).


Simchat Torah is observed across social media with the hashtag“#SimchatTorah.”

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When is Simchat Torah and Where it is observed

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