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The Seollal


When is The Seollal in 2021 and 2022

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2019 05/Feb Tue South Korea The Seollal
2021 12/Feb Fri South Korea The Seollal
2022 01/Feb Tue South Korea The Seollal

What is The Seollal

About :

Seollal refers to the Korean lunar new year, which is mostly celebrated in the month of January. But the date of this day varies according to the lunar calendar.


On this day, people gather at the house of their oldest male relative to respect their ancestors. There are other activities like eating together, playing games and “Sebae" where children and students bow to their elders and receive small gifts. Various people utilize this day to enjoy with their friends and plan for outings.


On this day people play a folk game, have traditional food, tell stories, talk until the nights, and so much other fun activities.  Other events like public speeches, traditional sports and dances are also held on this day.


This day is observed across social media with the hashtag “#seollal.”



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When is The Seollal and Where it is observed

Country 25-Jan 20

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