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The Restoration Day


When is The Restoration Day in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2021 16/Aug Mon Dominican Republic The Restoration Day
2021 31/Dec Fri Switzerland The Restoration Day

What is The Restoration Day

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Restoration Day is observed in multiple countries on multiple days. Since it is a public holiday, the business and banks are shut on this day.


For Example,


In Dominica, the Restoration day commemorates the beginning of the war against the Spanish Colonial Army in 1863 which brought independence. The Dominica Republic again lost control over its region. Pedro Santanna, who was a first president and dictator chose that administrating the nation was too hard. So, he gave the power back to Spain.


After a couple of years, Gregoria Luperon, bold Dominican fought with his people against Spain on August 16. Finally, Spain powers left the nation and the Dominican Republic. And Dominica recovered its Autonomy.


This day is observed across social media with the hashtag "#restorationday”. "#dominicarestoration."

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When is The Restoration Day and Where it is observed

Country 16-Aug 19

Country 31-Dec 19

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