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Prince Louis Rwagasore Day


When is Prince Louis Rwagasore Day in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 13/Oct Tue Burundi Prince Louis Rwagasore Day
2021 13/Oct Wed Burundi Prince Louis Rwagasore Day

What is Prince Louis Rwagasore Day

About :

Prince Louis Rwagasore (10 January 1932 – 13 October 1961) was a Burundian Royal and politician who is considered a prominent figure in the history of Burundi nationalism. He was the prime minister and while in the post he was assassinated shortly before Burundian independence.


Historians have suggested that Belgian Colonial authorities may play has ever been carried out. Rwargasore filed a complaint against seven Belgian officials for discrimination and inequalities in the law. In 2011 the Belgian journalist Guy Poppe claimed that irregularities in the investigation of the Prince's murder. The reason for his murder is still a mystery as the assassination was planned and executed.


His death anniversary is observed across social media with the hashtag #PrinceLouisRwagasoreDay

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When is Prince Louis Rwagasore Day and Where it is observed

Country 13-Oct 19

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