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Our Lady Of Coromoto


When is Our Lady of Coromoto in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 11/Sep Fri Venezuela Our Lady of Coromoto
2021 11/Sep Sat Venezuela Our Lady of Coromoto

What is Our Lady of Coromoto

About :

Our Lady of Coromoto is an annual festival in Venezuela celebrated from September 8, 1652, Venezuela calendar, hence the date varies every year in the  Western calendar. Since it is not an official holiday and so businesses over there have normal opening hours.


When the city of Guanare was founded in 1591, the Indian tribe who inhabited the region, flew away to the northern jungle. When the Roman Catholic Church began to start its efforts were at first resisted.


Once in 1651 in a river canyon when she told him to be baptized, and again, when he was still refusing baptism, on hjumySeptember 8, 1652, when she appeared in his hut. This is the way of honor of Our Lady of Coromoto.


Our Lady of Coromoto is observed across social media with the Hashtag "#OurLadyofCoromoto."


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When is Our Lady Of Coromoto and Where it is observed

Country 11-Sep 19

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