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New Years Day Day 3


When is New Years Day Day 3 in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 03/Jan Fri Armenia New Years Day Day 3
2021 03/Jan Sun Armenia New Years Day Day 3

What is New Years Day Day 3

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The New Year's Day Day 3 is also called as New Year's Day 3 or New Year Day 3 and is observed across the globe on 3rd January. This day is recognized as the third day of the year as per the modern Gregorian calendar as well as per the Julian Calendar.


This day generally observed by people by taking rest or by spending time with family, visiting places of natural attraction or by going for a delicious night out.


But on this day Chinese people welcome sons-in-law's or pay a visit to the wife’s side of the family. On this day, the married daughter's visit their parent's homes with their husbands. This day is celebrated across the social media with the hashtag "#NewYear'sDayDayThree" to post.

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When is New Years Day Day 3 and Where it is observed

Country 03-Jan 19

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