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National Uprising Day


When is NationalUprisingDay in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2021 29/Aug Sun Slovakia NationalUprisingDay

What is NationalUprisingDay

About :

The National Uprising Day is celebrated in Slovakia every year on August 29th, as to remind the uprising and rebellion clashes that took place in Slovakia on August 1944 during the course of World War 2. The uprising was unsuccessful after a few months and Slovakia emerged out as the winner at the end of the war. It has been a National holiday for Slovakia in the year 2003 when Slovaks made against an oppressive dictatorship.

The anti-fascist has a strong communist aspect which made unable to celebrate by Slovaks. The rewind this every year to keep up SNP heritage for the future generation. They represent their love as placing wreaths( made by a bunch of flowers) to Slovak National Uprising in Bratislava(capital of Slovakia). 

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When is National Uprising Day and Where it is observed

Country 29-Aug 19

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