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Liberation Day


When is Liberation Day in 2021 and 2022

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2019 01/Jan Tue Cuba Liberation Day
2019 13/Jan Sun Togo Liberation Day
2019 26/Jan Sat Uganda Liberation Day
2019 26/Feb Tue Kuwait Liberation Day
2019 03/Mar Sun Bulgaria Liberation Day
2019 25/Apr Thu Italy Liberation Day
2019 05/May Sun Multiple Countries Liberation Day
2019 09/May Thu Jersey Liberation Day
2019 17/May Fri Congo Democratic Republic Liberation Day
2019 14/Jun Fri Falkland Islands Liberation Day
2019 04/Jul Thu Rwanda Liberation Day
2019 21/Jul Sun Guam Liberation Day
2019 15/Aug Thu Multiple Countries Liberation Day
2019 23/Oct Wed Libya Liberation Day
2019 29/Nov Fri Albania Liberation Day
2021 01/Jan Fri Cuba Liberation Day
2021 13/Jan Wed Togo Liberation Day
2021 26/Jan Tue Uganda Liberation Day
2021 26/Feb Fri Kuwait Liberation Day
2021 03/Mar Wed Bulgaria Liberation Day
2021 25/Apr Sun Italy Liberation Day
2021 05/May Wed Multiple Countries Liberation Day
2021 09/May Sun Jersey Liberation Day
2021 17/May Mon Congo Democratic Republic Liberation Day
2021 14/Jun Mon Falkland Islands Liberation Day
2021 04/Jul Sun Rwanda Liberation Day
2021 21/Jul Wed Guam Liberation Day
2021 15/Aug Sun Multiple Countries Liberation Day
2021 23/Oct Sat Libya Liberation Day
2021 29/Nov Mon Albania Liberation Day
2022 14/Jun Tue Falkland Islands Liberation Day

What is Liberation Day

About :

Liberation Day is a commemoration day observed across the Albania, Bulgaria, and Congo Democratic on 29th November, 3rd March and 17th May.


This day is called by Albanian's as "Dita e Clirimit". Albanians observe this day to commemorate 29th November 1944. On this day, after the Albanian resistance during the IInd World War, Albania was liberated from German forces (Nazi forces). Bulgarian's observe this day to commemorate their liberation and re-establishment of the Bulgarian state.


The state was established on March 3rd, 1878 under the Treaty of San Stefano. The Republic of Congo observes this day to commemorate the day after the end of The First Congo War -17th May 1997. On this day, Kabila proclaimed himself as the President of DR Congo. These days are observed across the social media with common hashtag "#LiberationDay" to post.

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When is Liberation Day and Where it is observed

Country 01-Jan 20

Country 13-Jan 20

Country 26-Jan 20

Country 26-Feb 20

Country 03-Mar 20

Country 25-Apr 20

Country 05-May 20

Country 09-May 20

Country 17-May 20

Country 14-Jun 20

Country 04-Jul 20

Country 21-Jul 20

Country 15-Aug 20

Country 23-Oct 20

Country 29-Nov 20

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