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When is Knabenschiessen in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 12/Sep Sat Switzerland Knabenschiessen
2020 13/Sep Sun Switzerland Knabenschiessen
2020 14/Sep Mon Switzerland Knabenschiessen
2021 11/Sep Sat Switzerland Knabenschiessen
2021 12/Sep Sun Switzerland Knabenschiessen
2021 13/Sep Mon Switzerland Knabenschiessen

What is Knabenschiessen

About :

Knabenschiessen is commemorated in the month of September but on various dates according to the western calendar. This feast commemorates the celebration of shooting competitions in Switzerland which is held every year. Knabenschiessen is also known as " Kings of marksmen". It is an annual public holiday in Switzerland.


Knabenschiessen festival marks that the teen target shooting competition to practice their shooting skills in the summer holidays. this festival is celebrated to advertise the voluntary cadet training for boys to join in the Swiss army.


People celebrate this feast by attending the shooting competitions to join in an army and enjoying with friends in amusement rides. On this day, business organizations and institutions stay closed.


This day is observed across social media with the hashtag "#Knabenschiessen"


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When is Knabenschiessen and Where it is observed

Country 07-Sep 19

Country 08-Sep 19

Country 09-Sep 19

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