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Independence Day Observed


When is Independence Day observed in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2021 08/Feb Mon Grenada Independence Day observed
2021 08/Mar Mon Ghana Independence Day observed
2021 22/Mar Mon Namibia Independence Day observed
2021 05/Jul Mon Multiple Countries Independence Day observed
2021 12/Jul Mon The Bahamas Independence Day observed

What is Independence Day observed

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Independence Day is observed as a national holiday in multiple countries on multiple occasions across the world in Bahamas country celebrated from 10th Jully and Nauru country celebrated from 31st January of the month, hence the date varies every year in the Western calendar. Since it is a public holiday in Nauru, Bahamas, Montenegro, Rwanda., all the schools, colleges, and government offices remain closed on this day.


 In the late nineteenth century, there had been threatening in the western parts of the Ottoman Empire. According to this independence day has been pointed on the Solemn ceremonies but the main ceremony like very traditionally is held on 22nd September in Veliko Turnovo.

During the ceremonies, lives in the fight for independence, to remembrance who gave the independence and followed by firework displays.


Independence Day observed is observed across social media with the Hashtag "#Independencedayobserved."

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When is Independence Day Observed and Where it is observed

Country 29-Jun 19

Country 12-Aug 19

Country 26-Aug 19

Country 09-Sep 19

Country 23-Sep 19

Country 04-Nov 19

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