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German Language Day


When is German Language Day in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 12/Sep Sat Germany German Language Day
2021 11/Sep Sat Germany German Language Day

What is German Language Day

About :

The German Language Day is celebrated in the month of September but the dates may vary according. this day is revered to promote the German language worldwide and to motivate more people to speak in German. The Germans believe that this occasion has helped them to increase the people's interest in learning German.


German was the most popular language used by almost 100 million people but at a certain period of time, the interest in the language was gradually decreasing. To overcome this situation the Germans began to celebrate the German language day. On this particular day, they take the initiative to organize many campaigns to create an awareness of the Greman language. 


To improve the interest of the school children in the German language the schools regulate competitions on speaking in German. The winner is awarded to encourage their effort. By celebrating this occasion the German people believe that it not only increases the interest in the language but also increases the bond and connectivity between the German people.


This Day is Observed across social media with the hashtag "#TheGermanLanguageDay". to post on social media.

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When is German Language Day and Where it is observed

Country 14-Sep 19

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