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Evacuation Day


When is Evacuation Day in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 17/Mar Tue United States Evacuation Day
2020 15/Oct Thu Tunisia Evacuation Day
2021 17/Mar Wed United States Evacuation Day
2021 15/Oct Fri Tunisia Evacuation Day

What is Evacuation Day

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Evacuation Day is usually observed on various dates according to the western calendar in various countries. Evacuation Day is also known as "Revolution war day'.This day marks that the celebration of the two festivals of St.patricks day and ceremony of Dorchester. It is an annual public holiday in the United States


Evacuation Day marks that the day was a commemoration of British troops who have evacuated from Boston at the time of the American Revolutionary War. This was the first American military victory In Massachusetts. Dorchester Heights is the symbol of Evacuation day On this day General George Washington first president of the United States is remembered. 


Dorchester was the one who has struggled a lot to send the British army out. Irish Catholics helped General George Washington at this time.  On this occassion, another festival also celebrated to remember and honor St Patrick’s Day. So many people in the Suffolk celebrate both. On this day social activity are organized by visiting the significant sites. essay competitions about the evacuation day, etc.


This day is observed across social media with the hashtag "#EvacuationDay".

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When is Evacuation Day and Where it is observed

Country 17-Mar 19

Country 15-Oct 19

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