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Christmas Day


When is Christmas Day in 2021 and 2022

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2019 06/Jan Sun Armenia Christmas Day
2019 07/Jan Mon Kosovo Christmas Day
2019 25/Dec Wed Multiple Countries Christmas Day
2021 06/Jan Wed Armenia Christmas Day
2021 07/Jan Thu Kosovo Christmas Day
2021 25/Dec Sat Multiple Countries Christmas Day

What is Christmas Day

About :

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year all around the world. The first Christmas celebration was in Rome on 25th December 336. Since then people celebrate Christmas day. This day is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ.


This day is celebrated by Christians all over the world. On this day people go to church and pray to god and sing carols. We celebrate this day with our family and friends, we enjoy the day having feast and drinking. This day is observed across the social media with the hashtag "#ChristmasDay", "#Christmas" to post on social media. 

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