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Akheri Chahar Shamba


When is Akheri Chahar Shamba in 2020 and 2021

Year Date Day Country Holiday
2020 13/Oct Tue Bangladesh Akheri Chahar Shamba

What is Akheri Chahar Shamba

About :

Akheri Chahar Shamba, a vital day for the Muslims across the globe, is going to be discovered across the country on November 15th.


 The choice was taken at a gathering of the national moon-sighting committee at the room of the monotheism Foundation, Baitul Mukarram within the capital. Secretary of the Ministry of non-secular Affairs Md Anisur Rahman presided over the meeting.


As the new phase of the moon wasn't hawk-eyed on the sky of the country these days, that the holy month of Islamic calendar month are going to begin from Gregorian calendar month twenty-two and therefore the holy Akheri Chahar Shamba can be discovered on twenty-fifth of Islamic calendar month or Nov 15, aforementioned a foundation unleash.


It is observed on social media by using the hashtag “#AkheriChaharShamba.”

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When is Akheri Chahar Shamba and Where it is observed

Country 23-Oct 19

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